Secret Chronicles mailing list archives

Welcome to the Secret Chronicles project’s mailinglist archives. This website collects all the emails that are sent to our mailinglists publicely. If you never used a mailinglist: It’s basically like a web forum, just over email. Once you signed up for the ML successfully, you will receive each message posted to the ML’s address directly into your email inbox. This way you most likely won’t ever miss anything.

The mailinglists below are public. If you want to make a private conversation with one of the developers or somebody else on the list, please email him/her directly.

In the below instructions, replace <listname> with the name of one of the mailinglists listed below.

Available mailing lists and their archives

We are currently maintaining archives for the following mailing lists (the name in parentheses ist the name of the ML):

How to subscribe

Send an empty email (subject doesn’t matter) to <listname> You will receive a confirmation email you have to reply to (really, just hit “reply” and send it without further modification). After this email has been received by the mail system, you have subscribed to the ML.

How to unsubscribe

Send an empty email (subject doesn’t matter) to <listname> You will receive a confirmation email you have to reply to, just as with subscription.

How to post

Send your email to <listname> and be happy.

E-Mail format

The emails you send to the list must not be bigger than 2 MiB. Additonally, any HTML email will be delivered, but is excluded from the archive for security reasons.


The subjects of all emails send to the MLs automatically be prefixed with [<listname>]; additionally, an email header List-Id: is added to all emails send to the MLs with its value set to <listname> You can use this information to set up a filtering program for your mail server/client, which is highly recommended as the mailinglist will not clutter your main mail inbox then.

Getting help on the mailsystem

The mail system in use for our mailinglists is mlmmj. To get a list of available “commands” send an empty email to <listname>

Preventing an email from being archived

If you don’t want your email to show up in the public webarchive (please think twice before you do so), you can set the X-no-archive email header known from Usenet to yes. Our archiving system (MHonArc) honours this and your email will not show up in the public webarchive.

Archiving interval

The emails sent to the mailinglists are collected every hour by the archiving system and then converted to HTML before they are actually added into the mail archive available via this website. Therefore, if your email doesn’t show up immediately in the archives, be patient.